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HOME OWNER: is an stimulating home interiors magazine that display case the best interior designs in the UAE along with exhibiting elegant must have furniture and accessories for every occasion.

Home Owner Magazine a based in the UAE and is a Real estate design-led, interior decoration and furniture monthly Magazine. It showcases fashionable local and international homes, spectacular gardens and high-end commercial design and modern home products designed to inspire. Being the leading publication in its category, Home Owner is the best option vehicle to deliver your message to your target audience ....... 

Home Owner magazine is targeting individuals who are interested in home interiors which are designed to be both contemporary and practical and with a strong emphasis on fluidity. We document the latest fashions and designs which are prevalent in the current market. We hope to advise, educate and inform our readers of good design practices which are widely used by professional interior designers on a daily basis. We also research and provide information of the latest furniture which is available which may appeal to even the most outlandish and adventurous of pallets. Interior design is continually evolving and we wish to ensure that our readers fashion sense does not get left behind. It is our mission to provide an updated and experienced opinion while giving an insight into projected future design trends. 

MK in the Emirates (Two times a month)

The Local version of the popular Russian edition which has been published in Russia since 1919.

Subject edition

A Social and entertainment publication that combines social materials, business surveys, international news, society columns and entertainment information.

Media Data

  • Format: 230h330 mm
  • Frequency: Twice a month
  • Circulation: 20,000 copies.
  • Volume: 24 pages
  • Distribution: retail (supermarkets, bookstores department stores), free distribution to hotels, salons, Coffee Shops and restaurants • Geographic distribution: United Arab Emirates
  • Full color


Socio-demographic groups with a priority towards working readers aged 35 years and older who have a higher education.

Regular columns

  • News of the Emirates • World tour
  • Tourclub
  • Beyond the Horizon 
  • Eureka
  • Events
  • Soundtrack
  • Courier Culture
  • Teatrarium
  • Person
  • Jubilee
  • Movies
  • High lifestyles
  • Intrigue
  • Sports
  • Health
  • MK-Football
  • Motor Shows
  • Super crossword

Readers of the publication

A good newspaper should have a little bit of everything including: various articles to appeal to a wide audience. Accurate news reporting supplemented with extensive pictures which illustrate the articles further. However MK does not only provide the above in abundance, it also attempts to inject humour whenever appropriate to expand reader interest.

In “MK “we always attempt to write about people who are interesting and who may have a certain appeal to our readers.

“Do not miss ‘Soundtrack’ which provides the most up to date information on the music business and appeals to all ages.